What makes for a good application?

There are 3 main components of a successful proposal: filling out the application properly, developing a detailed project outline, and balancing an air tight budget.

Additionally we request that your service project involve a community partner, for a listing of community partners by DC location please visit the BRIDGE PROJECT.

Filling out the Application – Applicants must thoroughly answer a series of questions that inquire upon their desires and intentions to service the greater Washington, DC community. It is imperative that proposals clearly research community need, develop a clear narrative of the service to be provided, identify a community partner, present a unique service strategy and define clear, attainable metrics for success.

For an example of a completed application click on the link to the ESL Kid Power Application

Developing a detailed outline – Applicants must also provide a clear outline that maps out the purpose of the project and the plans for executing the ideas in the project. The outline must be sensible and well thought out in order to garner serious consideration from the commission.

For an example of a completed outline click on the link to the ESL Kid Power Outline

Balancing a Budget – A precise budget with accurate figures is vital for a successful PSGC proposal. Students should provide close estimates for the costs of the items needed in the project. The expenses should be organized in a manner that makes it easy for the commissioners to follow.

For an example of a completed budget click on the link to the Veggie Time Budget

These are the main components to a successful proposal but be sure to read all of the instructions on the application carefully. For more information, look through our extensive Grant-Writing Powerpoint and learn how to create a well written, compelling grant proposal.

Additionally, while completing your application timeline you may also want to consider the IPARDC process which outlines some of the steps to create a successful service project. These steps include:

  • Investigating community issues
  • Planning a project
  • Acting to address a problem
  • Reflecting on the experiences and the process
  • Demonstrating your work to a wider audience
  • Celebrating as appropriate

Thank you for applying and we look forward to seeing your application soon!

Please look through past service awards to see examples of how GW students have proposed and completed successful projects in the past.

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